Verankering in Beeld

research publication design

Verankering in Beeld is an independent research report on the state of film education within the Dutch education system. I was asked to design an interactive report where nine different documents could be linked to one another. This report contains, spread out over nine (ten if you count the homepage) documents:  339 pages, 39 tables and 101 graphs. Creating all the visual assets involved 12 photographs, a graph tool from 1993, 3 Excel sheets at a time and me learning what a boxplot is. 

Film education is split up into seven (regional) filmhubs that set up projects and work with schools. To create accessible reports, the research team wrote ‘hub documents’ for each (regional) hub. They also wrote a national report and a methodology document. Part of my job was designing the infrastructure linking these nine reports by creating interactive pdfs. The research team also defined five focus points for film education, for which I designed icons that are used throughout all the documents.


One of the major requests for the design was that because this is an independent research report, the visual design had to work with the branding of Netwerk Film Educatie and the Filmhubs. but still stand alone. The other major request was to create a visual style for the report that would set it apart from more old-fashioned, text-heavy reports.


I used a small color palette for the general design, and integrated the brand colors in each hub document. Using (stock) photography I created abstract graphic elements and images that can be seen throughout the various reports. Every table and graph was sent to me with a visual example and the data, which I used to design tables and graphs that fit with the visual style of the report and maximized the legibility.

Client: Copini Film en Cultuur Onderwijs

Research team: Emiel Copini, Eva Hens, Rosa Kremer, Lisa-maria van Klaveren.

The overview page for this report can be found here

Design & Research & Printmaking

Marieke Pras