From: us / For: you

campaign design & coordination

I worked on this promotion campaign in a small team as both designer and coordinator. From us for you was an iniative by Studio Draadkracht, a textile workplace with an emphasis on DIY, sustainability and financial accessibility. As part of the organizing team I helped with photography, coordinating volunteers and distribution and social media promotion.

Due to the pandemic, organizing a group event in person was not possible. The studio decided to sew 500 drawstring bags out of scrap fabrics with their volunteers, and to spread these through the city. They were distributed in stores, community centers and other public places where people could pick them up for free.

The bags included a pattern for making your own and a card telling you about the studio. The campaign included a contest where finders could send in a picture of what they used the bags for, where entries ranged from boardgames to jewelry to scented bags.

Client: Studio Draadkracht

Design & Research & Printmaking

Marieke Pras