Do you have a project that needs a designer, researcher or printmaker?

Your project is important to you, and getting the visual aspect right is just as important to me. It can be anything from designing a research rapport, creating cover illustrations, setting up a workshop or printing posters.

Whether a project is big or small, it matters to you. So let’s talk about it. 

SPOUK | Marieke Pras
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tel: 0652391207

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Interested in buying some of my screenprinted posters and other products? You can! My focus is sustainable screenprinted products and limited edition posters and zines.

SPOUK shop operates on a no questions asked ‘pay what you can’ model. With this model I am aiming for more financial accessibility.

DEPT.STORE is an international marketplace for printmakers and designers run by People of Print in the UK. I am still processing and shipping orders from my own studio, so you get the same service.

Let’s put all that art theory to practice! You can hire me for workshops and lectures about (audio)visual storytelling, comics, design and printmaking from ages 12-99. 

I have worked for various organisations developing and/or giving educational workshops, such as GRID, OneDayArtist, Kleinkunstig, and ICO.

NL: Ben je een VO-docent met een CJP budget? Ik ben CJP acceptant en bespreek graag de mogelijkheden voor een workshop geven en/of ontwikkelen met je. 

Want more of that theory? I am specialized in narrative theory as applied to design practices and visual storytelling, and have given lectures and taught seminars on these subjects before.

I also work with another designer, Anoek Houben, as part of an experimental design practice:  dissonanten.

Together we create interactive screenprinting projects and workshops for events, schools and companies.

Practical Magic Shenanigans is a semi-weekly comic newsletter about a queer witch who works in a thrift store. The struggle is real, and so is the magic. Once a week I send out a free update with a new comic.

You can subscribe and/or read all the past comics here.

Queer Voices is a magazine by, for and about queer people. It is a space for sharing personal stories among the local queer community in the Northern Netherlands.

We all have our own unique way of making sense of the world and our place within it. With this project, we try to facilitate a dialogue between people that might not usually meet, because exchanging insights can empower all of us.

Our first print edition ‘Queer Voices in times of COVID-19’ is available now.

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Who is SPOUK?

My name is Marieke Pras, and I’m a designer based in Groningen (NL). I use my experience in both cognitive media research and design practice to (re)structure and communicate complex issues to new audiences. Both in my own work and in working with clients I look for the best method to tell and design a story. My design style is a crossover between information design and printmaking aesthetics. 

Most recently I’ve been working on projects that focus on queer storytelling, printmaking history, and sustainability in printmaking and design.

Do you have a project that needs a designer? E-mail me!


How to work with SPOUK

Do you know what your project needs, but find it hard to mentally visualize or describe in exact terms? Don’t worry, 90% of the client projects I work on start like that. After all, the visual part is my job (potentially). Here’s a step by step guide.

Step 1: e-mail me. 
Give me as much relevant information as possible. Not sure yet if you want to work with me or what you need? That’s fine, that’s what step 3 is for.

Step 2: mention immediately if you have a specific budget and timeline.
It’s very normal to have a limited budget. We both have to earn a living after all. To give you a starting point: my hourly rate is 70 euros (ex vat), and there are very few jobs that take less than two hours.  That rate goes up for emergency jobs with a deadline in less than 72 hours, as it requires me to reschedule other projects.

Step 3: We talk about it.
This can happen through e-mail, video conference, phone call or in person. I’m flexible! We’ll hammer out the details of what you want so I can send you a contract with a price quote and suggested timeline.

Step 4: concept design.
Depending on the project, this can be some sample pages, a sketch design, a moodboard, or all of the above. I come up with a concept design so that there’s something visual we can discuss.

Step 5: final design.
I do what needs to be done to take it from concept to final design. We discuss again, to see if there are details that need to be tweaked.

Step 6: you pay me.
Depending on the project size, there might be an advance involved. If your budget is limited and you want to pay in installments, that’s also possible. Unless otherwise agreed the final invoice will be the same as the price quote we agreed on at the start of the project.


Design & Research & Printmaking

Marieke Pras