visual poem | collaborative zine

“Where would we be without the other queers
who gave us words to grow and take roots in our minds

Try this: Explain what asexuality and aromanticism are without mentioning what they are not. What does it mean to understand ourselves through negation? “momentum” is an elaborate visual poem about a queer becoming from a semi-rural aro-ace perspective. It is about finding openings in our surroundings and mirrors in our fellow queers, dreaming up futures beyond white picket fences.

Momentum is a collaboration with Motte Knaudt (in some between). It is available in the shop both in print and as digital version.

Momentum is based on conversations about our personal aro-ace experiences. Motte wrote the poem, after which I started making the illustrations. We wanted to make something we could be proud of, that reflected our experiences in a new way. We decided we wanted the text and images to intertwine as much as possible. To form a leporello-style zine, the entire visual poem was printed as one continuous band, which were then folded into pages. You can leaf through those pages like you would a book or unfold them for an uninterrupted reading flow.

Collaboration with: Motte Knaudt | in some between

Design & Research & Printmaking

Marieke Pras