Film Posters

screenprinted posters

I designed and screenprinted film posters of films that I analyzed as part of my bachelor thesis. The aim was to use the visual and narrative motifs in the films to create simple yet strong imagery. 

During the design process I knew I would screenprint these and incorporated the effects of the paper choices in the overall design. Every poster was designed to highlight the visual and narrative motifs in the film, such as the fragmented mirror in Mulholland Drive.

These posters were printed in limited editions ranging from 4-10 per design.

Produced as part of ‘ja maar wat als film‘ (2014):

À Bout de Souffle (dir. Jean-Luc Godard, 1960)

Lost Highway (dir. David Lynch, 1970)

Moonrise Kingdom (dir. Wes Anderson, 2012)

Une Femme Est Une Femme (dir. Jean-Luc Godard, 1961)

Mulholland Drive (dir. David Lynch, 2001)


M (dir. Fritz Lang, 1931)