Show and Tell

master thesis | research & design

‘Show and Tell’ was the master thesis with which I completed the Research Master Literary and Cultural Studies. The layout design blends academic conventions and design practice, in order to adhere to academic standards while also streamlining the reading experience.

Whether we engage with stories, our environment, or how we remember aspects of both, we use shortcuts all the time. It’s convenient. Therefore, my research focused on the ways we understand and articulate our understanding of stories… through mapping them.

The final thesis is a 150 pages long, with the argument and results presented over four chapters. The thesis contained two tables of contents: a traditional linear table of contents, and an alternative which was organized by reoccurring themes. Mapping, in this context, opens the door for investigating the potential (and limitations) of visual-based or time-based modes of research. Here I researched the advantages and pitfalls of mapping as another form of doing and/or presenting research.

Design & Research & Printmaking

Marieke Pras