Stress 2 Success

logo design

This logo was designed for Ingrid Lemstra, a personal coach working under the name stress2success.

stress2succes is a personal coaching practice for teachers and educators who deal with stress in their work environments. The aim is to give insights and tools for dealing with (often long-term) stress through group workshops and individual trainings. 

The client wanted a logo that would communicate the personal growth that she and her clients work on in the trainings; a flow from (professional) stress to (personal) success. A beach landscape was the starting point for the  colors and flow. It was important to not fall back on educational visual ‘clichés’ like pens and chalkboards, but create a modern and minimalist design.

As the client was still in a start-up phase, the design had to be a  multifunctional starting point that could for both printed materials, slideshows and a website, without necessarily complying with previous design choices yet. 

Ingrid Lemstra / stress2success

Concept & design:
Marieke Pras / spouk