Ja Maar Wat Als Film?

visual essay

in 2014 I graduated from Minerva with ‘ja maar wat als film’: a visual essay in which I researched postmodern philosophy and film through texts, comics, and comments. 

The final exhibition consisted of three parts: the visual essay (printed in an edition of 10), the table made out of testprints and sketches, and the film posters.

In the essay I discussed a variety of films by three directors (Jean-Luc Godard, David Lynch and Wes Anderson) and how they related to postmodern philosophy. I did this through texts, comments and comics, all printed with different paper types. The essay was printed in an edition of 10, with a screenprinted cover.

The comic essay ‘Is this the (hyper)real life?’ was also published in   the online magazine Bright Wall/Dark Room Issue 11: The Magnificent Andersons.

The film posters can be found here.