Transmedia Lectures


In 2020 I was a teaching assistant at the University of Groningen. As part of my job I was scheduled to give a lecture on project management and three lectures on the practices and theories of transmedial storytelling.

One week before I was supposed to start lecturing we went into lockdown due to COVID-19. Consequently, we switched to emergency remote learning and as part of that did pre-recorded lectures. 

The three transmedial lectures were a combination of academic theory and case studies by using interviews with production designers, script writers, etc. The advantage of pre-recording lectures meant I could edit in scenes and analyses more easily.

Students were encouraged to learn about transmedial storytelling and narratology not only by studying the theory, but also the practice by doing a group project. Therefore, these lectures focused on both a critical perspective on narrative across media, and questioning what makes a narrative transmedial in order to make it managable on a student-level.


project management
tools for doing artistic research projects, based on past projects with Dissonanten and others.

producing transmedial storyworlds
worldbuilding practices, genre theory, cognitive narratology.

-changing storyworlds by changing perspectives
referentiality and remediation, hamlet, mental spaces.

-narrative mapping across media
narrative mapping, cognitive narratology, story complexity.

This work was done as part of a bachelor university course at the RUG.