Queer Voices

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Queer Voices is a magazine by, for, and about queer people. I am one half of the production team and the graphic designer for the magazine. As part of Queer Voices I also help organize and give workshops. It is available in digital and print form here.

Queer Voices is a space for sharing personal stories among the loncal queer community in the Northern Netherlands. We produced the first edition ‘Queer Voices in times of COVID-19’ in May 2022. It features art by and interviews with local queer folks about their pandemic experiences.

The first edition was funded by Rose Jo(n)ker and Queer Pride Groningen. The set of workshops we developed were funded by Bob Angelo Fonds. We are currently working on future editions.

Queer Voices is a project by Motte Knaudt and Marieke Pras

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Design & Research & Printmaking

Marieke Pras