Queer Pride Groningen 2020

visual identity

For Queer Pride Groningen 2020 I developed a visual identity for online promotion purposes.

Due to COVID-19, all promotion happened online, via social media. Events were either livestreamed or in online spaces, and on a small scale in outside settings. I prioritized an upbeat mood with easily adjustable templates in order to create a recognizable identity for social media.

Queer Pride Groningen has four main principles: no corporate involvement, an inclusive approach, pride as a protest, and community focused. The theme for this year’s Queer Pride was ‘space’, so the visual starting point for this design was astrology and Sailor Moon. In the designing process I took elements of the previous year’s materials and fused the celebratory and radical aspects of QPG, with a little bit of space thrown in there.

Queer Pride Groningen: instagram / facebook / website

Website design QPG & Queer Voices: Motte Knaudt

Design & Research & Printmaking

Marieke Pras