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illustrated filmposter series

During a COVID-19 lockdown in 2021 I started this film poster project. I would remake a film poster once a week with whatever means I had – which were limited during lockdown. Something to entertain me and to talk about on Instagram, as it also gave me a chance to finally watch some films I just ‘never had time for’. There are now over 25 posters and the list just keeps growing

The lockdown concept was simple: an A3 sketchbook, black ink, and once a week while I was in the studio I would do some quick Photoshop editing. All in all I would go from idea to final poster in less than half a day.

Then came the question of which films I would do. With contributions from friends I made a (still growing) list of films that were ‘the opposite of whatever Marriage Story was’. I didn’t want the Oscars nomination films about straight white couples arguing about their relationship. The list consisted of everything but that. At times through social media people would add films or vote for what the next poster would be. And so I continued.

These posters are for sale as digital prints in my own store here. They are available in the sizes A5 / A4 /A3.

Currently there are also two postcard sets for sale:
‘it’s a kind of magic’ set here
‘sad queer cinema’ set here


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