USVA’s Cultural Guide

cover illustration

In Groningen, cyclists are everywhere doing everything –cycling to work in the morning, moving houses in the afternoon, coming back from parties at three in the morning, and on this cultural guide cover.

I was asked to illustrate the cover for USVA’s cultural guide to Groningen, a magazine aimed at new students in the city-wide introduction week, in 2015. Cyclists are an essential part of the culture in Groningen, which is why they are featured on the cover for this cultural guide for new students. My aim was to incorporate ‘typical’ city scenes for students, without falling back on tourist sights.

Both cover illustrations were constructed of hand cut paper sections, in order to combine a minimalistic style with an authentic touch.

Cultureel Studentencentrum Usva

Concept & design:
Marieke Pras

Photography illustrations:
Doortje Hoogenkamp

Photography final product & typography:
Ruud Dohmen